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SlyngShot Core Services


Clarify web and technology needs, wants, challenges, and goals in order to recommend and help carry out the best course of action.

  • Web Site Review - Test and evaluate an existing site's efficiency, functionality, aesthetics, usability, and consistency.
  • Web Site Consulting - Assess web site needs, wants, likes, and constraints and then propose a comprehensive solution.
  • Tech Usage Consulting - Assess, evaluate, research, and make recommendations on technology selections and usage.


Create and establish consistent, polished, and professional branding and style elements.

  • Web & Email Design - Design tailored custom layouts, templates, & user interfaces.
  • Logos & Branding - Develop or improve logos. Establish clear and consistent branding, including colors, fonts, & style.
  • Photo/Video/Audio - Convert, process, and manipulate multimedia to maximize impact and effectiveness on your site.
  • Business Cards/Signs/Stationary - Design and deliver the best print creative you've ever seen.


Build, tailor, and deliver professional and dependable web sites that measurably achieve desired results.

  • Business/Organization Web Sites
  • Shopping/Store Web Sites
  • Micro Sites
  • Web & Email Server Hosting
  • Custom Web Applications & Functionality


Obtain and prepare clear, consistent, and professional copy, multimedia, and graphics for web use.

  • Import & Manipulation - Capture, parse, import, and manipulate your data as needed for your site.
  • Web & Email Content - Expertly write, edit, research, organize, and format your site's text/copy/information.


Design, develop and manage promotion efforts that will increase a web site's popularity, efficiency, and influence.

  • Search Engines Optimization & Results - Research, setup, and maintain effective search engine ranking and results.
  • Social Media/News - Setup, manage, and integrate accounts with facebook, twitter, youtube, digg, and more.
  • Email Messaging Campaigns - Setup, design, track, and maintain email marketing lists and campaigns.


Ensure that all web site systems are running smoothly, sufficiently capable, set up correctly, and kept current.


Patiently walk people through the process to truly understand and be confident with the web and technology.





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